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STOP the Hyland Landfill Expansion

Important Resources

View and print the Dump Facts Newsletter, filled with information you need to make an educated decision. Pages will open in a new window.

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Concerned Citizens of Cattaragus County (CCCC) website contains a wealth of information regarding their fight.

Main Page


The CCCC also realizes that these are not town issues or even county issues.  These are concerns that we all must face, regardless of where we live.  The CCCC has developed a resource page for residents of the town of Angelica, including absentee ballots, fact links, and a copy of the Host Agreement.

CCCC Page for Angelica


See it for yourself!  View the Hyland month-by-month permit violations as cited by the DEC. Copies of the DEC reports are also available for perusal at the Angelica Library.

See the Violations


Information or Donations:

Green Earth Committee
PO Box 144
Angelica, NY  14709

Friends and neighbors!

       It is now time to face the grim fact that without an extreme effort on our part, we may soon be hosting one of the largest and potentially dangerous dumps in N.Y.S. And not just for the term of the contract with Casella. We will host this dump forever!

     November 2nd is a turning point in our town. It is a grave situation. It is now time for us to take time out of our daily lives and dedicate to saving our town, our children and our future. Talk to your neighbors, your co-workers, and people on the street. Tell them the facts. Tell them to vote NO!


        The Hyland Dump is fully located in the town of Angelica and is less than one mile from the center of town, less than one mile from the new Houghton Academy and only three miles from the Genesee Valley Central School.

        The Hyland Dump currently accepts 750 tons of garbage and toxic waste per day, most of which comes from the downstate area, including NYC. Hyland had always said they would never bring garbage from New York City.

        The expansion would quadruple the size of the dump and will bring its capacity close to 8 million tons!  The dump would cover 64 acres and be up to seven stories high. This would make it one of the largest dumps in NYS! The lines of trucks are projected to be coming to our town for the next 30 years.

        30 to 50 trucks per day deposit their waste at the Hyland facility.  They come from as far away as Providence, RI.  They pollute our air with exhaust and gases.  They are often observed leaking onto our roads on their way in.  They constantly track contaminated soils from the dump into our environment on their way out.

        The DEC has waived the regulation law that makes dumping ‘unstable’ sludge illegal. As of May 2004, we now accept such sludge from Long Island.

        Like all dumps, our dump is currently emitting toxic gasses every single day that reach our village, our town and wherever the wind may blow. These gasses, which include methyl-mercury, have been linked to nervous system and respiratory disorders, cancer and birth defects. These gasses are in the air that we breathe everyday and in the air that will be breathed by your children and grandchildren. These gasses sickened people who lived next to the Chaffee, NY dump. They recently won an undisclosed settlement from the operators, which included a buy-out of some of the adjacent property owners.

        The waste companies are targeting our area because we are poor and rural. There are hundreds of communities across the Northeast that have studied the effects of landfills on their environment. Nearly everyone of these communities have said “No” to dumps, despite offers of huge amounts of money from the waste companies. Christy Whitman, past governor of New Jersey and past head of the EPA, told NYC to “drop dead” when their waste haulers tried to locate a dump in her state.

        Average ‘tipping’ fees in the Northeast are about $70/ton. It is estimated that it costs $360 to dispose of one ton of NYC garbage. I’m sure the collectors, transporters and Casella find it entertaining as we grovel for our $1.58/ton.

        Hyland has been repeatedly cited by the DEC for potential violations over the last five years. They include blowing litter and uncovered garbage. More frighteningly, the dump has been cited for persistent leaks as well as problems with the leachate collection system.

        Hyland is a small employer! The full-time staff at the landfill averages 11 people.  Just a few are from the Town of Angelica.  Wages can be described as average at best.  Hyland had originally promised 30 to 40 “well-paid” jobs.  Broken promises and misinformation are not uncommon at Casella.

        Casella has been a poor corporate citizen throughout the northeast. They are well known for suing small towns that don’t cooperate. They have been fined for non-competitive activities and for violating numerous environmental laws.

        Angelica is in a good legal position.  Our host community agreement commits Casella to abide by the results of the referendum.  If we defeat the referendum Hyland has no grounds to sue.  When the current cells of the dump are filled Hyland will leave.

        Most importantly, the dump is never going away. This mountain of toxic waste will be Angelica’s legacy until the end of time, long after Casella is gone and their money is spent. A bigger dump is a bigger problem for us in the future. Because the Town of Angelica is accepting money from the Hyland Dump, the town is by law a “partner” in the dump. Because of this, when the dump begins to leak, the town and all the taxpayers will be financially responsible to help clean up the spill.  The cost of clean up, plus the liability for damage to the environment could easily be much more money than what we are receiving now.

        The vote is not just about money, but ultimately a moral decision. Are you willing to sell the health of your children and future generations for a few dollars in your pocket today?

        Referendum vote is Tuesday November 2nd at the Angelica Town Hall  from 6am to 9pm.  Every  NO VOTE  is very important.